Weekender Mini Living Quarters

Jamco Horse Trailer - Weekender Mini Living Quarters

Perfect for endurance competitors, trail riders, and others who want to camp for a short time with their horses, all Weekenders are semi-custom, allowing for specific selection and placement of many available options and, where noted, a choice of size. Weekenders are shipped from the manufacturer with the dressing room as an empty shell, but already framed for A/C and a floor-mount water tank. Your local dealer will then work with you to have your Weekender completed into custom mini living quarters by the company of your choice, including all the interior features and fabrics you’ve selected. In general, you can expect to be able to fit a small refrigerator, commode shower and sink, sleeping are, and small seating area. Contact your dealer for details and ideas.

Other standard features

bullet Tandem Dexter Torflex™ axles: 5,200 lb
bullet Screen door in addition to the dressing room door
bullet One of the 20”x 30” nose windows is of a
kick-out style for safety
bullet 60/40 rear doors with 14”x 20” windows and
QuickChange® removable center post
bullet Drop-down feed door with window and safety grate
in front of each stall
bullet Window with horse guard behind each stall for
bullet One two-way pop-up forced air vent per stall
bullet Aluminum slant dividers
bullet Heavy duty interior tie rings, two at front of each stall
bullet Heavy duty exterior tie rings, one per horse
bullet Rear-tack saddle rack with QuickChange® removable
Post and extra location
bullet Diamond Plate aluminum running boards
bullet Fender signal lights
bullet One roadside escape door with window
bullet Padded chest strap, first horse (at escape door)
bullet Padded butt strap, last horse
bullet Slant wall separating horse area from living quarters

Popular options

bullet J2000 Series or other custom graphics/logo
bullet Rear ramp with dual-camlock curtain-style
bullet Upper doors and windows
bullet Divider pads
bullet Additional bridle racks
bullet Additional saddle racks
bullet Clothes rods
bullet Brush trays
bullet Spare tire and cover
bullet Hydraulic jack(s), single or double (gooseneck)
bullet Chrome fold-up step to forward deck of gooseneck
bullet Pass-through door from dressing room to horse area
bullet Mangers with exterior access door